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Supporting our HEH Fam

Our amazing HEH Family is the secret ingredient that makes all of our restaurants. If you’ve walked into an HEH establishment, we know that you’ve felt the love that our family shares for delighting you. Unfortunately, the effects of COVID-19 has hit our HEH Family especially hard as we were forced to lay off all 200+ members. Our HEH Family has always been there for us and we want to be there for them at this time of need.

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Free Food

We are allowing all 200 members of our HEH Family free food every day for their families. We will also provide HEH Family members in need with essentials such as toilet paper during the crisis.

Rainy Day Fund

We’ve started an HEH Rainy Day Fund and allocated $225K to be spent on helping our HEH family through this crisis.

Your Tips

100% of your generous tips will go into our HEH Rainy Day Fund.

E-Gift Cards

100% of sales will go to our HEH Rainy Day Fund. The funds will be entirely used to support our HEH Family during this time of need. Your e-gift card will be usable at all of our concepts when we reopen.